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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

If you own a business or are looking to start one in Ohio, you should consider taking up commercial insurance. Commercial insurance safeguards your investment by taking care of various risks that may affect your operations. It covers the business structure, the business vehicles, and employee liability which ensures your business runs smoothly even after a covered risk occurs.

Commercial Insurance coverage options

Commercial property insurance

This insures the business property from hazards such as fire, theft, and natural disasters. If any of the above risks destroy your business's property, the policy covers the loss and gets you back on track.

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers the business vehicles against accidents, theft, or damage. Remember this policy only covers the vehicles attached to the business and not any personal vehicles.

General liability insurance

This covers your business in case someone gets injured on your business premises. In most instances, injured individuals may sue your business for damages, which can destabilize your financial position. Liability insurance covers these costs enabling you to concentrate on your day-to-day business operations.

Workers compensation

Workers may get injured in the line of duty, and in some instances, these injuries may incapacitate them. Workers compensation insurance caters for the lost income and medical expenses associated with such injuries. Without this policy in place, compensating affected workers can destabilize your business and complicate your everyday operations.

Why choose Lansing Insurance Agency, Inc.?

At Lansing Insurance Agency, Inc., we are committed to providing tailor-made commercial insurance solutions to the residents of Ohio. Our coverage options are flexible and are designed to meet your commercial insurance needs. Also, we take pride in our team of agents who have been in the industry for years now. They will take time to advise you on the perfect coverage for your business. Cal or visit our Ohio offices to speak with an agent and learn how to get started with a quote.