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Auto Insurance

If you are a vehicle owner or looking forward to purchasing a new car, it is essential that you acquire auto insurance for your vehicle. Also, in Ohio, it is mandatory for every car owner to have vehicle coverage.

Auto Insurance coverage options

Liability coverage

Liability insurance is a legal requirement in Ohio. This policy covers you if you are sued as a result of damages caused by your vehicle after an accident. Sometimes after an accident, you might damage property or cause injuries to other parties. In case they sue you, this option covers the litigation fees and other related costs.

Personal Injury coverage

After an accident, you might lose income as a result of the injuries sustained. Also, the medical expenses that follow can destabilize you financially. However, with a personal injury policy in place, you can fulfill your financial obligations after an accident.

Comprehensive coverage

This policy covers any damage to your car that does not result from an accident. It insures your vehicle against theft or weather damage and takes care of the repair expenses resulting from such incidents.

Collision Insurance

In case of a collision, collision insurance takes care of the expenses incurred to repair your vehicle. This policy will pay for the damages to your vehicle when you are at fault in an accident.

Why choose Lansing Insurance Agency, Inc.?

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